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Hearing recovery after otitis media

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2021-06-16 19:01:46
Diagnoses Complete hearing loss in the left ear (diagnosed about 30 years ago after hearing test by an ENT specialist).
Report by:
Monika Anzenberger
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Gender Female
Handedness Right
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Hearing loss in the left ear from an early age. After decades solution with strong middle ear infection: At the end, the hearing ability came back to a reduced extent.


First of all, an addition to the following report: During this time of "inflammation" neither pharmaceutical drugs nor alternative medical preparations (herbs or other) were used to relieve the pain. The intensity of the pain was reduced solely because of the knowledge of the 5BN and the experience gained in dealing with the feeling of pain!

The fact that I could hear practically nothing in my left ear was something I noticed myself already in elementary school/lower school; I had not told anyone about this. The right ear worked well and in everyday life the loss of the left ear was not very noticeable.
When I was a child, it was not yet customary for doctors to examine children in all areas of the body between the tip of the hair and the tip of the toe. So the deafness of one ear was not noticeable; it would not have changed anything anyway as I was told later by an ENT specialist: "There is nothing you can do. You have to make sure that you keep your hearing in the other ear!"

The first time I remember hearing problems was as a schoolchild after the explosion of a firecracker at an outdoor festival. Whether a "hearing loss" had already existed before, I myself do not know. These small explosive devices, known as "Schweitzer", are banned today. These firecrackers were usually used at events of this kind and at New Year's Eve celebrations: You rubbed the thing on a matchbox to ignite, then threw it away and waited for the bang of the explosion. On this evening such a firecracker had exploded very close to the left behind me; I had not seen it and therefore could not prepare myself for the danger of the loud bang. I can still remember well the condition that evening after the explosion of this Schweitzer firecracker: as if one had received a blow on the ear and the hearing area; it was humming: this humming could also have been a form of tinnitus and cannot be judged more closely today, after decades of the incident.

The fact that I heard nothing in my left ear was not noticeable in everyday life. In principle, I was "trained" to hear through the right ear. It was only noticeable when other children wanted to whisper into the left ear: Since I heard nothing or understood nothing, I always had to turn my head and hold out my right ear to them. Similarly with telephone calls: I always held the receiver to the right ear, because I could not hear anything on the left side.

The deafness of the ear became medically conspicuous by chance years later, when one morning there was also a hearing loss on the right ear. For a very short time I heard almost nothing, a little later the hearing functioned as if through a wall; the condition returned to normal after a few hours.
At the specialist's office, a hearing test was made for the first time with the left ear and total deafness was diagnosed "nothing can be done about it!".
In the years that followed, I did notice that now and then something could be heard very, very softly; in the following tests with the use of headphones only on the left side, nothing could be heard. In retrospect, I must have gone through conflict-resolved or repair phases completely from time to time. Deafness is in the entodermal layer in pcl-A phase; in the ectodermal layer in pcl-A phase only in certain frequencies. As well as in very, very long conflictive phase of ectodermal layer; what I could exclude in myself, observing the periods.
However, this weak hearing ability was perceptible to a much lesser extent than I have today, in comparison, after resolution of the situation and repair phase with "severe middle ear infection", the hearing ability regained temporally continuous.

Years later after the diagnosis I became acquainted with the 5BL, was able to successfully take a closer look at some of my own conflict stories, bring a few into solution, at least no more recurrences occurred. However, I had not examined the ear more closely, since the deafness of one ear did not bother me any further; for me there was no urgent need to do so.

In retrospect, with knowledge of the 5BL, the different, repeatedly occurring situations were conspicuous to the entodermal auditory area "having to hear something to avoid the danger"; as incidentally during the respective situation: Listening, eavesdropping if someone comes and I am caught doing something, which was forbidden to a school child: Reading old "trash novels" which I had found by chance in the old cellar. Watching a scary movie on TV, which was forbidden to me. When one was busy with "more important things" than doing homework for school, etc. In school during written tests, if the teacher approached and could catch you cheating; etc. Later, the situation changed according to age (note: for this report, not all situations are listed to which I myself would listen to see if I would be caught doing something seemingly forbidden; these are personal and not intended for the general public!).
Later, at the time with the "new medicine" and those conspiracy-theoretical fringe topics, which were brought about others almost as a matter of course at each regulars' table.
As Monika Berger-Lenz wrote this in one of her books, with the knowledge and understanding of the New Medicine (GNM/GH...) one loses the fear of illness and diagnoses. But one gets other fears, among other things also "thanks" to some certain reports of the discoverer and some lecturers. In principle, I was, by no means consciously, constantly on the lookout, listening to see if certain people from my personal environment, who were not concerned with these topics, would catch me while I was dealing with them and I would have to defend myself for it.

In my personal environment it was at least earlier not usual to deal with topics and things which were not brought in Meanstream media or however negatively or in other form represented. I do not blame those who had influenced me with it in childhood. These persons had partly as children and/or as young people the world war and the post-war time experienced, where the occupation with topics, which deviated from the generally "valid" view, was not desired; besides also surely by pressure of their parents and relatives; this was handled by these persons also in their later years in such a way.

The solution to my audio stories came by chance in autumn 2016. A general comment of a dear acquaintance in connection with Dr.Hamer and his story. I can't remember this comment itself exactly today. But it triggered a thought-provoking impulse and I began to reflect whether and to what extent the fears in relation to conspiracy theories, the fear of "those up there", but especially connected with a certain form of direct danger to my person, were still current: Biologically, to what extent I still had to listen and eavesdrop to see if someone approached and caught me doing something (seemingly) "forbidden."

In my reflection, I found that in the meantime, over the years, I had gained more life experience and, as a result, more certainty about myself.
I could perceive in the context of my reflection a certain kind of light sensation, a very clear feeling, free of any doubt for me, than there was no more reason for these old fears for me on the whole. At least I can assume than I would be able to find ways and deal with coarser problems in my life situation.
That I had reached a solution situation with this in relation light sensation, this light feeling, I felt from the next morning, the 13.10.2016. A middle ear inflammation began, which occupied me strongly in the coming weeks: The ear hurt, and how! The swelling process was very pronounced, so that especially the first two nights were also bad and a lying position of the head had to be found, where no pressure was applied and thus caused pain. Then I was lucky and the eardrum got a hole: In the next days bloody-dark colored secretion came out (cotton swab). But the pain was greatly reduced from now on. After a few days I could also notice increased water discharge at night. Whether it had been the exudative phase (excretion phase),the conflict solved phase pcl-B phase, or I had brought the program of the kidney collecting tubes into solution with my relaxation measures and thereby briefly more water was excreted, I could not find out myself.

In principle, nothing could get worse: I already had the diagnosis of orthodox medicine, as that the ear was "broken". I wanted to observe how the middle ear infection proceeded without the influence of medication or other means.
In order to reduce water retention in all involved tissue layers at the ear as well as to avoid subsequent activations due to the current ear condition, I specifically tried, as far as it was possible for me, to calm down, to relax during this time of several weeks; to put myself in a "everything is ok! I am in healing!" mood. By the way, during this time of the repair process, I had not taken any pain-relieving remedies or medications myself; I wanted to be able to observe how the whole process was going.

At the end of the middle ear inflammation, there was more or less only fluid in the Eustachian tubes: with a certain pressure compensation, the functionality of the hearing was suddenly noticeable again; then the next morning, the ear was closed again and could be opened again via pressure compensation; and the hearing functioned again from then on!
I myself had not expected that the condition of the hearing would improve completely. I had - without having done further examinations - rather considered already after all these decades scarred residual conditions.

Whether and to what extent the ectodermal layer was affected here during these weeks of middle ear infection is not yet known to me. Despite the hearing loss in the left ear, a tinnitus was very well perceptible from time to time during these decades. Strikingly once in a situation, where an acquaintance sat in a situation directly left of me, a tinnitus came immediately, when she had begun to speak for me completely unexpectedly to a topic from the conspiracy theorist area. I had not thought her capable of dealing with such topics at all until then. The tinnitus was strongly audible for a few minutes as a loud whistling sound and then slowly reduced to zero again. Such situations may have existed more in my first decades of life, before knowledge of the 5BL; I had never paid attention to them.

The neumesodermal structure was involved in these weeks of otitis media: The swelling process, especially noticeable in the first days or nights involved not only that area assigned to the entodermal auditory area. However, with the knowledge of the 5BL, I had and still have the certainty of having gone through this repair process well and not having activated any further local conflicts and having avoided recurrences in terms of not being well with the hearing to the previous state with hearing loss.

In principle, hearing has been back consistently for months; this is checked by me in principle first regularly in the first weeks, later every few months. Where with the headphones on the scale of 1 to 100 on the right side about 21 or 22 the sound is perceived well audible, for the same good hearing quality on the left side less than double is necessary; about 37 to 39. Thus, the hearing ability on the left side is not fully restored, but still perceptibly present in everyday life.

Analysis according to the 5BL:
CCT from 2009 is available; programs were underway at that time (not released for general publication):
Entodermal auditory area (brainstem-driven) "needing to hear something to avoid danger," recurrent.
Ectodermal auditory area (cerebral cortex field controlled), thematic to "I can't believe what I heard"; recurrent.
Neumesoderm (controlled from the medullary camp) concerning the performance of the ear "here, at this point, I am not good; not being able to hear well"; recurrent.

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