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Tic disorders / twitching after skating and swimming accidents

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2022-08-04 21:22:10
Report by:
Ingmar Marquardt
The report is about About a client / patient of me
Gender Male
Age 5 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
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The present case - documented with video excerpts - is about a 7-year-old boy with two phases of different tics or twitching. At the age of 5, he had a tic for about a month, during which he would always bend his knees a bit and tighten his arms. At 7, he had another tic for two months where he always extended both arms at the same time.


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Transcription of the video:

The present case involves a 7-year-old boy for whom I directly accompanied two phases with different tics or twitching.
At 5 years old, he had a tic for about a month in which he would always bend his knees a bit and tighten his arms.
At 7, he had another twitch for two months where he always extended both arms at the same time.

According to the model of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature, into which there is a free introduction under "Disease is Different" and which is a prerequisite for the understanding of this case report, it is no coincidence, defect or chaos that very specific symptoms occur. But they occur in the context of so-called Meaningful Biological Special Programs (SBS), which always have a precise conflictively felt situation as cause. To be more precise: in the control of the musculature, as in this case, a conflicting motor situation in which a movement with the musculature in question played a decisive role.
Break away
The causative situation of the boy could be found very precisely afterwards on the basis of available video recordings:

He started inline skating on a miniramp in the summer of 2020, when he was 5 years old, as can be seen from this videos He very quickly learned the necessary movements. A few days later, he practiced a trick to jump from one mini-ramp to the other. Just before the jump, however, he lost his balance and fell with his neck on the side edge between the mini-ramps - although he had a helmet on, the edge caught him just below the helmet. This sudden complete loss of control during the fall was the causative conflicting motor situation in which he felt he "failed in movement," i.e., a conflicting situation occurred while learning a new movement.
The SBS of the corresponding muscles or movement sequences he performed while skating was now started. In fact, both sides of the body were affected, so that he was in a so-called motor constellation - that is, there was a corresponding activation of the control relays on both sides of the brain.
In the first, conflict-active phase, he did not notice any symptoms. The fall was painful, but after a few days everything was fine again. However, he did not go on the miniramp again until about a month later and successfully completed the previously failed trick - and also proudly demonstrated it to several family members. This repeated successful performance was the conflict resolution, so now the conflict resolved phase started.
If two motor conflicts of a constellation are in Conflict Resolved Phase at the same time, as in this case, according to current knowledge, during the Conflict Resolved Phase there are constantly recurring tics or twitches, in which a movement is executed that has to do with the conflictive situation! Possibly this has to do with the swelling of the Hamer's foci in the corresponding controlling brain areas, so that thereby uncontrolled control signals are sent again and again.
In his case, the twitching was first noticed a few days later and slowly increased in intensity and frequency.
This recording is from 2 weeks after the conflict resolution.
And this recording again 1 week later, where the twitching peaked and sometimes occurred several times per minute in varying intensity.
If you put the learned movement while skating on the miniramp as well as the movement during the twitching next to each other, you can see very precisely the correspondence and thus the relation to the skating accident as the causative situation.
The conflict active phase was pretty much a month, as was the subsequent symptomatic conflict resolved phase during which the twitches occurred.
Subsequently, they have never recurred in the form they did, even after skating on the miniramp again, because the SBS has completely run its course and there have been no reactivations or tracks that could theoretically maintain it permanently.

Also at the age of 5 he started to learn how to swim.
In the process, there were several situations where he swallowed water briefly and panicked. So again there were conflicting situations while learning a new movement sequence, concerning the arm movement while swimming, because he could not keep his upper body and head above water enough.
Again, two special motor programs were activated, which represented a constellation - once left and once right arm movement.
Due to the now beginning Corona period, the swimming pools were now for the first time no longer accessible, so that in the following two years, with a few exceptions in the pool or lake, he no longer had the opportunity to practice swimming further.
It was not until April 2022 that he was on vacation in a hotel where there was an integrated swimming pool and where he now practiced swimming every day and for the first time managed the whole course for the Seahorse badge. This was the conflict resolution of the old conflict that had been transformed down two years but was active in terms of the swimming movement of the arms.
While still on vacation, the first twitches of the arms began, in which he stretched them through and rotated them slightly outward - as in swimming. They increased again slowly, reached the peak after some weeks with almost minutely tic-series, and became afterwards again slowly less and less. In total, they lasted for 2 months and have not recurred since. The conflict active phase was significantly longer at 2 years, but since the conflict was significantly transformed down most of the time, the tics lasted only 2 months, not two years.

For himself and the close relatives it was again a great luck to know the actual causal connections due to the 5 Biological Laws of Nature and thus to be able to wait for the duration of the conflict-resolved phase quite relaxed, without falling into wild actionism or panic or starting follow-up conflicts due to the otherwise quite disturbing or even frightening symptomatology.

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