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Six other allergies resolved: pollen and dust, 2 x cat hair, dog hair, zucchini, nut.

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
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These are the testimonials (in brief) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english subtitles).


These are the testimonials (in brief) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english subtitles).

Case 8 - Pollen and dust allergy

We start with our participant Bastian, who was able to successfully resolve several allergies - and who also tells about his successes in personal experience reports.

This of course makes us very happy and gives us hope that more and more participants will want to do this in the future 🙂 Therefore, here is an excerpt from his own report, where he describes his symptoms:

"Yes hello, my name is Bastian, and I would like to share an experience report with you today - it's about the course "Resolving Allergies". First things first: My allergy symptoms, which have been bothering me for years - stressing me every day - mainly rhinitis, stuffy nose, swollen mucous membranes, itching eyes, which according to orthodox medicine can be traced back to pollen allergy/grass allergy and house dust mites, were resolved within a few days, so that I am absolutely symptom-free. How did this all start for me? So for years I have had these said allergies. Every morning when I wake up I have a stuffy nose that lasts for about an hour and where I feel like I blow my nose 120 times.

That goes on and on, runs me there the nose! Very unpleasant, orthodox medicine it is a dust allergy, I was told at least so and I think it is also on the Internet everywhere so. I have this all around the year, and then starting in the spring, throughout the summer until the fall - including autumn - I had what is classically called a pollen allergy. Pollen, grasses, everything that blooms in these seasons. This was also confirmed by a prick test.

Yes, there was a very great suffering! The symptoms were very very strong, especially the cold. Maybe many people can't imagine that, but when your nose is swollen shut, that you can't breathe, but at the same time the mucus is still there. You can't blow your nose, you can't breathe, you have to breathe through your mouth, you can't sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night and you're awake for several hours, you feel tired because the processes that take place in your body have a strong effect on your energy and on your well-being, so your quality of life is very much reduced. And that is also the reason why I have tried many things: It started with different nutritional methods, went over bioresonance, but all without success."

In his case, the symptoms had become worse and worse over the years.

This, and some other peculiarities have led us to the assumption that the original conflictive situation is no longer so relevant for his present symptomatology. But rather that he has experienced subsequential conflicts related to "foreign substances in the nose" because of the symptoms he had at that time.

I.e. at some point he started to perceive the pollen, the dust, the tickling in the nose, the spring weather outside etc. as a danger.

I.e. everywhere now the danger was present that these "allergens" could harm him.

THIS sensation has now probably permanently reactivated the SBS of the nasal mucosa again and again and thus led him into a vicious circle that is getting worse and worse.

In his experiments on the resolution, he has now become aware, on the one hand, that the various situations he identified as possible causes no longer exist.

But on the other hand also that now with his 5BL knowledge the pollen and the dust itself are not the problem at all - and also his body reactions do not represent malfunctions at all.

He then also intensively dealt with the 5BL and thus deepened this new view, which enables a quick escape from self-perpetuating vicious circles.

So this was really a very impressive case of how massive, day-to-day symptoms can disappear within a very short time when such a vicious circle is broken by understanding the causal connections.

Case 9 - Cat hair allergy

A young man, in his mid-30s, had a cat hair allergy since childhood. He had itchy red watery eyes, scratchy throat, and rhinitis/sneezing in rooms where cats stayed and when cats touched him. In addition, slight itching where the cat touched him.

So there must have been a situation in his childhood where there was a visual separation, a break in contact, where he lost sight of someone. Either in the presence of cats, or a cat itself. A stressful situation where he could not smell the danger.

In the first approach we were on a wrong track, but shortly afterwards the connection became clear: When he was about 12 years old he was on vacation on a farm and a cat had just had a lot of babies. He loved cats and really wanted to take some with him. He was there daily surrounded by wonderful mini cats. When the vacation was over and he firmly expected to be able to take some with him, then came the shock: he was not allowed to take any with him, which hit him very hard. So there was a visual separation and the cats and cat hair were linked as a splint, so from now on he reacted to it with the SBS of the conjunctiva and nasal mucosa.

The nice thing about this case is that his girlfriend had a cat, but until now he couldn't go to them because of the allergy - which has now changed. And also especially nice is that he is the first participant who filmed a report of his experience for the other participants, of which we may also show an excerpt here. So here in his words how he did the resolution and how it worked:

"The first time I tried it, it worked for me for 98%. So I built up the mindset there - Ingmar supported me very well. I then went to my parents-in-law, stroked the cat and then really had such a tuft of hair in my hand. And then I pressed it into my face - and normally I would have reacted immediately. So really extremely reacted with immediately reddening of the eyes, that I must scratch myself everywhere, that I must then make this itching here. But nothing happened, except that I felt a little bit on my lip. And I thought to myself: "Wow, crass - so heavy... impossible, that can't be at all".

Since then, almost one and a half months have passed, we took the cat to us and now also got a second cat. With the second new cat there were again - I say - small earthquakes of symptoms, which I then, after the conscious approach that I have learned, also resolved. And yes, it's just wonderful, it's still a very nice feeling to know that you can take a cat in your arms, take care of it, stroke it, train with it, I don't know what... without lying on the floor afterwards and not being able to breathe. Yes, that is already wonderful!

I have recommended the course to many people - many who know me well could not believe that I am now cat hair allergy free, because they said "ok, that was really bad with you!" I also understand that if people do not know me, and also generally do not know my story, that it is then generally incomprehensible and you might not want to believe it - but from my circle of friends it was already really crass and they were then also interested in how it works."

Yes, great - thank you very much for sharing your experience, we hope that many more people will be willing to do so in the future 🙂

Case 10 – Dog hair allergy

The next allergy has some parallels to the previous case: The affected woman had an allergy to dog hairs for more than 40 years, since she was a small child.

Symptoms included allergic asthma with chest tightness and bronchial spasm, nasal and eye itching.

However, the symptoms here show that the conflictive causative situation was not a break-off of contact, but primarily a territorial or fright conflict, i.e., that she herself or her territory/area was threatened.

The causal situation was on vacation at her grandma's house when she was about 5 years old. There was a dog there that was not allowed in the house, but she always secretly fed it outside.

On one of the vacations, this one suddenly got all aggressive out of nowhere and wanted to bite her - she was then taken in the arms by one of her cousins so that she would be safe from him.

She did not understand this reaction of the dog until today - and afterwards she learned that he was shot because he was so aggressive.

This was the underlying situation where mainly bronchial muscle SBS was linked to dogs as a track.

The reason for her participation in our course was that she recently got a puppy that she really wanted to keep.

With this one she has now done the experiment for resolution, i.e. intense cuddling, putting her hands in her eyes, etc. At the same time she made herself aware that the situation of that time is long gone, that here and now there is no more danger from dogs - especially not from her own puppy - and so she dissolved the connection.

The nice thing is that also in this case a dog can now be present as a family member, which makes us totally happy!

Case 11 - Zucchini Allergy

A young woman in her mid-30s had been intolerant to zucchini for 3 years. She reacted with bloating, cramps, and diarrhea that made her have to go to the bathroom quickly.

So based on the symptoms, it is clear that when she eats zucchini, her body or intestines are expecting something dangerous, toxic, disgusting or harmful - either in the zucchini itself, or at the same time in the current situation. The SBS that was started at the time of consumption is that of the motor function of the intestines, which now moves the harmful morsel through the intestines faster so that not too much of it is absorbed. This also allows the resulting gases not to be absorbed and a form of flatulence.

The reason was that 3 years ago she read an article about the death of a man who had eaten zucchini from his own garden, and these can probably be toxic to deadly under certain circumstances.

What is exciting here is that this was therefore not just an actually unimportant concomitant circumstance, but that the zucchini was actually the trigger and the core element in the underlying conflict - and that it was a relapse rather than a track.

As a course of action here, one can try to create a reassessment of risk, i.e., how common are such poisonings? With which zucchini is the risk? Were there perhaps unknown factors in the case at the time that may have been critical to the drama? Might it have had nothing to do with the zucchini at all? What possibilities do our bodies have to actually deal with poison in a worst-case scenario? From this, she made a reassessment, i.e., that the risk for such an incident was virtually zero.

Accordingly, she made herself aware of these things during the dissolution and from then on could eat zucchini again without symptoms!

Case 12 – Cat hair allergy

The affected young man, 17 years old, had a moderately severe allergy to cat hairs for about 7 years, with occasional similar reactions to dogs. Symptoms included severe sneezing, nasal congestion, and eye itching on contact with fingers.

He found two possible stressful situations to be the possible cause: Once when he petted a dog that was very sweet at first and then all of a sudden growled, barked and threatened him.

And then, when their first cat used to run away and at some point disappeared for a long time. Although they could pick him up 1 month later in the shelter, shortly thereafter he disappeared again.

I.e. here were often corresponding situations of "lose sight of" and can not scent when the cat is already gone again.

He has now, when he cuddled with the current family cat, made himself aware that her cat was then a so-called stray and that this is no longer the case with her current cat - and therefore no sudden separation is imminent.

Already during the course, completely without the experiment, the symptoms became clearly less with the awareness of the connections and finally disappeared completely with the experiment. The final test of sticking the nose deep into the cat's fur resulted in no more symptoms!

Also some time later, when he had contact with dogs, no more symptoms appeared.

Case 13 – Nut allergy

The affected person had a nut allergy for more than 30 years - primarily to peanuts and walnuts. The symptoms were scratching and difficulty swallowing in the throat, increased salivary flow, swelling of the throat and oral mucosa.

Conflict in these tissues is about not being able to swallow something, something being stuck, not being able to or not being allowed to spit something out, etc. In this, it may have been either directly related to the nuts, or the situation was abstractly interpreted that way and nuts just happened to be present at the same time.

He had vague memories of various situations that may have been related to the cause - but these were at the age of 8 or 9, so they were no longer concrete memories. So it was more or less a "picture solution" without exact knowledge of the cause.

Probably for this reason, a series of experiments were necessary.

So in each case he made himself aware that he was now eating the nut voluntarily and that he could just as easily spit it out whenever he wanted to. This he then did again and again. So he is not being forced to do anything here and now, and nothing is being taken away from him that he absolutely wants to have or eat.

The first time he tried a walnut he had slightly lighter and shorter symptoms. At the same time, his internal alarm was still very high that the nut could harm him - which of course can also trigger the local sensation of "I don't want that in my mouth" and lead to the symptoms over it, since it is exactly the same conflict content.

He did the second experiment with peanuts and directly had no more symptoms there!

Motivated by this, his next walnut experiments were also more and more successful and he only had slight discomfort in the throat and slightly increased salivation on the right side.

With the next then only the increased salivation and afterwards none at all 🙂

Here it was great to see that one should not be dissuaded immediately at the first partial successes (or even failures). He was always aware of slightly different nuances, performed the resolution in different situations - and after a total of 5 or 6 experiments, both the peanut and walnut reactions were resolved!

And he was suitably delighted and so were we, as he loves nuts and can now eat them again with great pleasure! He has also created a report, where we are now welcome to take a quick look:

"I then started to do experiments. The first experiment with walnut produced symptoms. And then I had also consulted Ingmar, who gave me helpful hints and also tips on how to modify the experiment. And then the second time I had hardly any symptoms and then it was virtually solved!

And with peanuts it worked immediately, I had no symptoms at all. And that was revolutionary for me, of course, because after at least 30 years - that is, 30 years ago the first memory of an allergic reaction was estimated - at least 30 years it was clear to me, I can't eat nuts. I had always, when I had noticed - no, not even depending on whether I noticed it or not, but if I somehow ate nuts even unknowingly - even just traces of them - my body identified that, and accordingly caused swelling in the throat area, and difficulty swallowing, scratching, also such an itching. Partially other areas of the oral mucosa are also swollen!"

So, that was our summary of the next successful participants of our allergy course. Big praise to you, dear allergy resolvers - and many thanks for your willingness to experiment and your self-responsible participation!

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