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Seven resolved allergies: Pollen, lactose, perfume, fructose, apple, radiation, startle and knee reflex

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2021-06-30 21:49:48
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These are the testimonials (in brief) of the first seven successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english and spanish subtitles):


These are the testimonials (in brief) of the first seven successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english and spanish subtitles):


Case 1 - Pollen allergy (early bloomers)

nThe first case was a pollen allergy, more precisely: an allergy to early bloomers, where the affected person had been dragging himself from one pollen season to the next for almost 20 years.
Two rounds of desensitization only reduced the symptoms by half, but did not resolve them.
Symptoms were tingling in the nose and palate, reddening of the eyes and, above all, sometimes severe asthmatic complaints.
So, according to the 5 Biological Laws of Nature, there must have been a serious and stressful situation 20 years ago, in which - to put it simply - he felt himself or his territory threatened, in addition he was not allowed to say something, as well as he lost sight of someone important for him, so there was a visual separation - and at the same time the pollen was present.
He found the situation - a bad partnership dispute during a very stressful time - and has now considered the experiment to resolve it.
Since he had already completed the course before the pollen season began, he could now do the experiment several times a week in preparation to make his subconscious realize that the causative situation was long gone and the annual subconscious adaptation mechanisms were no longer necessary. For the first time since the allergy began, he was completely symptom-free this year!

Case 2 - Lactose intolerance

The second case involves an intolerance to milk and dairy products, or lactose intolerance, for more than 20 years.
The symptoms were cramps in the lower abdomen with immediate severe diarrhea.
The course participant was a naturopath who had taken the course with one of her clients, so to speak. This allergy was primarily based on the firm belief that lactose products were harmful to her - which is why the body reacted accordingly with this sensible adaptation mechanism to remove this harmful food chunk from the digestive tract as quickly as possible. However, when it became clear to her in the experiments that she does not react to various lactose products and that certain accompanying circumstances must be present, she was able to challenge this belief system, which in further experiments resolved the body reaction and thus the allergy.

Case 3 - Shock, Emotion and Hamstring Reflex Allergy

The field report can be read as a separate report here.

Case 4 - Chemical perfumes and fragrances

Now we come to an allergy to chemical perfumes and fragrances, which existed for about 15 years.
The symptoms during these smells or until a shower afterwards were a strong drowsiness, lack of concentration, a bit like "being drunk". It could also be described as confusion and disorientation.

In fact, this was not a track, as is often the case with allergy diagnoses, but recurrent SBSes. That is, he became conflict-active each time he was exposed to such chemical scents, with two SBSs with control centers respectively on the left and right sides of the brain stem. Because his symptoms were the so-called brainstem constellation (for the exact understanding of this you would have to look at the chapter of constellations according to the 5BL). He has perceived these chemical substances as "poison" for a long time, so this was an activated SBS of not being able to get rid of the poison/danger when smelling it (which concerns the left side), and at the same time not being able to breathe in the fresh/vital air (which concerns the right side). Instantly he got into brainstem constellation with the so-called consternation, or confusion/disorientation.
And what was the cause of this belief that chemical scents are poison? As a result of the search for the cause, he wrote: I still have the triggering event very well in mind with a very clear picture. My mother came into my apartment when I was in my mid-20s, sniffed, went to the toilet and flipped up the lid with the words: "Boah, the toilet stone stinks through the whole apartment. Do you know how toxic that is and she has MCS and so on and so on" Since then, he had adopted this conviction of the mother as a set of beliefs.

In such a case, it is not enough to do a simple experiment for decoupling, as is the case with a track. He had to form new beliefs that such substances are not automatically poison, because other people have them on them for decades from morning to night without symptoms of poisoning. Or that he is resistant enough to them in such short moments, or that he can escape at any time if he so desires. In fact, while rethinking the beliefs, he had a serendipity - a positive experience with a chemical scent, during which the activation of this constellation was cancelled. And the allergy was thus resolved.

Case 5 - Fructose intolerance

The following case is about fructose intolerance for more than 10 years.
The symptoms were diarrhea and flatulence.

This was in all likelihood a, let's call it iatrogenic allergy, that is, an allergy triggered by the doctor, by the diagnosis.
During a tragic time she had to deal with various digestive problems, because here corresponding special programs have recurred. From the doctor she received, among other things, the diagnosis "fructose intolerance". One must always be aware that this almost always, regardless of whether the diagnosis is correct or not, creates the inner conviction that everything with fructose will harm me in the future and that I should not eat this. I.e. alone such a diagnosis often leads to the fact that the body reacts in the future with diarrhea, if quasi "against better knowledge" fruit etc. is eaten.

In her experiment, she was able to break this link and thus resolved this intolerance.

Case 6 - Apple allergy
The next case was once a typical and "classic" allergy, namely an allergy to apples, for more than 25 years.
A previous laser acupuncture had resulted in symptom freedom for 2-3 years. Unfortunately, however, the allergy came back. Another self-blood therapy was unsuccessful.
The symptoms were scratching/itching and burning in the throat, and rarely shortness of breath with difficult inhalation.

When looking for the cause, he only had a rough feeling of a situation during a child's birthday party where he had to eat things he didn't want. That is, the triggering situation was not fully known or certain, but he had a starting point.
He did a resolution experiment with this situation, which led to a reduction in symptoms. When he repeated the experiment, the allergy was gone and he has since been able to eat apples again without difficulty.

Case 7 - Radiation allergy
Finally, in brief, the case that has been by far the most difficult and complex so far: an allergy to cell phone radiation for about 25 years.
Difficult because, on the one hand, the symptoms consisted only of massive headaches, which even with 5BL knowledge can have a variety of reasons, some of which are not easy to differentiate. And because on the other hand the trigger, namely the cell phone radiation at the beginning of the cell phone time in the causative situation was invisible and therefore unnoticed.

Our analysis has shown that in the causative situation there must have been with high probability a conflicting feeling of "there is a danger coming towards me that I cannot avoid", i.e. a feeling of powerlessness before an impending catastrophe.
So that by swelling in the associated brain relay in the frontal lobe, pressure is exerted on the adjacent pericranium relay - a mechanism that is more common in the context of migraine and therefore was observed more frequently from the 5BL side.

In fact, she could well recall such a situation 25 years ago, where she was a passenger on a 3-hour drive and kept being terrified of an impending accident. We assume that the driver there had just his 1st cell phone and this had been beaming next to her the whole trip, so that this - in her case undoubtedly registerable stimulus - was stored as a track.

Now she has made clear to her subconscious in the following experiments that cell phone radiation is not synonymous with an impending catastrophe to which one is exposed incapable of action. Which has led to a gigantic reduction of her symptoms.
In a few situations, milder symptoms still occur - probably because she has had dozens of follow-up conflicts over the years due to the lack of understanding of her suffering in those around her. Nevertheless, the suffering caused by her allergy is over, so that she can now handle her smartphone herself quite freely and without complaints.

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