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Lymphoma, breast lumps, overweight, paranoia, C-PTSD, skin tag, coccyx pain

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2021-03-12 09:22:24
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Stephen Coleman
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In these report are different symptoms combined, as they nearly all were the deleterious results of 20 years of being married to a covert narcissist. After a second, very happy marriage, I developed symptoms of "breast cancer" after the sudden death of my wife.


In these report are different symptoms combined, as they nearly all were the deleterious results of 20 years of being married to a covert narcissist.

Background: Marriage with a narcissist
Allow me to very briefly describe what being in an abusive relationship is like with a narcissist. (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) Imagine everything you say, think or do is “bad”. Imagine being relentlessly blamed for all of your spouse’s misery. Imagine being threatened with never seeing your children again or seeing her beat herself then threatening to call the police over trivial matters. Imagine waking up every morning wondering what you will be accused of today. Even bad weather was my “fault”.

She was impossible to reason with. In 20 years of marriage I never once was able to reason with her, never once was I able to resolve a conflict. It was her way or it was no way. She was very manipulative and controlling.

She stole everything I worked for, for the last 20 years. I was left on the verge of homelessness.

Upon leaving the abusive spouse, within weeks I started developing a beer belly. Though I walked 5 miles daily and cut my eating, I put on 40 lbs of weight. I strongly felt I was abandoned and isolated by my own children and community because the ex wife worked long and hard to poison them all against me. To this current day, I’m still having kidney issues, but it has greatly improved.

I was suffering from paranoia and C-PTSD. All women terrified me and I went MGTOW. (Men Going Their Own Way). I knew this was not normal and eventually worked through this and happily remarried 4 years later.

Skin tag
I developed a large skin tag just below my right eye and it kept on growing. I refused to get it cut off because I wanted to find the cause. It took 6 months to find the problem. This growth, represented “tears not shed” for being divorced. As soon as I realized this I felt a shift and during the next two weeks it dried up and fell of on it’s own and left no scar.

I had such intense hatred and resentment for the ex that I suffered many sleepless nights. This developed into life threatening infections. A mosquito bite “caused” my entire right leg to swell double it’s size and turn deep red with purple streaks. I worked intensely on overcoming the hatred and fear, the infections then ceased to plague me. I knew this hatred would eventually kill me if I didn’t so something to clear it.

Coccyx pain
My coccyx began to ache. It was in the healing phase caused by years of living life “with my tail between my legs” and constantly “walking barefoot among broken glass”. It was painful every time I sat down for several years, but eventually the healing was complete.

Lumps all over the body
I noticed a lump in my right armpit, then on the side of my neck. These lumps spread all over my body on both sides from the inside my knees, groin, armpits neck and at the base of my skull from the back to behind the ears. It was lymphoma, a healing phase “disease” due to years of never ending devaluation by the narcissist ex wife. This healing phase lasted two years leaving me week and unable to properly care for myself and home for several months at the peak of healing. Friends came and helped me with my house chores. I knew this was the healing phase and that I just had to bear it. Knowing the truth of GNM I had no fear and stayed away from the industrial medical complex.

Background: Second happy marriage
My new wife and I had an ideal relationship. It was the best 6 years of both of our lives. She understood C-PTSD and when I’d have a flash back she’d just tell me. That would wake me up and I would shut up and intensely work on myself.

Lumps in my right breast
She became ill and died suddenly. We never got a definite diagnosis, the doctors didn’t know what to make of her symptoms. I was trying my best to help her but a cerebral event took her away. A year later, I noticed a lump in my right breast, then it was 3 lumps. It was intraductal breast cancer. All 3 lumps one after another burst through the skin, issuing pus and blood. Again I knew this was the healing phase due to the loss and worry over my late wife. I had no fear and knew I just had to bear it. In two months recovery was complete. Yes, men can also get breast “cancer”.

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