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Molar toothache

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
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Categories Observation of a single SBS run, e.g. one PCL phase (optionally with prediction of PCL duration)
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On the afternoon of the second Friday in January 2004, a sudden severe toothache began in a molar on the lower right side; the pain was permanent.


On the afternoon of the second Friday in January 2004, a sudden severe toothache began in a molar on the lower right side; the pain was permanent.

At that time I was already familiar with the model of the five biological laws of nature (5BL) and the scheme of biphasicity was known to me. The sudden onset of toothache therefore indicated to me the beginning of a conflict-resolved phase of a "not being able to bite" conflict; more precisely, in the case of the molar tooth, of a "not being able to crush" conflict.

Since the conflict topic was now known to me, I started to research and reflect with myself in the last days before, if I could have been in a corresponding situation. And I found it: For a few days I had a rage at a specific person in my environment. The DHS for the toothache was on Monday morning, where I got angry accordingly. However, I had not realized at the time that I could then be conflict-active here according to the 5BN model. I had also not thought of "biting" this person but rather of "I could give him a fist bump" (meaning: a punch) and sharper things; what one thinks when one is really angry with a person; without really meaning it that way. The conflict activity, i.e. my anger and rage lasted until Friday afternoon. By then I had calmed down a bit, was able to rethink the whole matter and had to realize that the person I was angry with was not really responsible for what happened on Monday morning. But that the cause for a concrete problem was to be found somewhere else! With that, I then stopped my thoughts and feelings of anger and rage against that person - and one of my teeth immediately started to hurt (molar - partner side)! When I then began to feel the pain, I immediately realized that according to the model of the five biological laws of nature I must have solved a "biting conflict" and that this also meant that over a whole period of time at a tooth a biological functional change as well as the tissue area of the dentine had reacted along, without me having noticed this somehow. The time period had been too short for that.
In the certainty that a conflict-resolved phase covers a limited period of time, I was very calm despite the pain. I had the certainty that as long as this pain would not become too violent for me, I did not need to do anything at all, if I could remain calm and relaxed, and this pain would stop by itself! For this reason I avoided myself with this obviously also subsequent conflicts.
The pain was already very much reduced the next morning, on Saturday, and completely disappeared by the evening.
And I had actually done nothing during these two days of pain - almost nothing: I had been able to calm myself down and remain calm during this time.

Later, in the course of the next period, I had reacted twice more with similar "biting conflicts" and toothaches. Each time I was able to understand them very well according to the model of the 5 biological laws of nature.
Today, however, I also know: If I had resolved my anger the very next day - however I had managed to do that - there would have been practically no toothache afterwards in the vagotonic phase because of the very short duration of the conflict.

5 Biological Laws of Nature

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