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Herpes on lower lip

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2021-06-17 19:40:30
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Monika Anzenberger
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After a stay with acquaintances on a weekend, I discovered on Monday morning a small "herpes simplex labialis (lip herpes) " on the lower lip on the left. This lent itself to a case analysis according to the five biological laws of nature. This model had been known to me for several years at that time.


After a stay with acquaintances on a weekend, I discovered on Monday morning a small "herpes simplex labialis (lip herpes) " on the lower lip on the left. This lent itself to a case analysis according to the five biological laws of nature. This model had been known to me for several years at that time.

According to this model, the symptom presents itself in the scheme of the two-phase as a symptom of the epidermis in a conflict-resolved phase of a resolved separation conflict, contact break-off at this point; wanting to feel a contact, a touch absolutely. Or the opposite of it: wanting to be separated from someone or wanting to feel another contact than the one one is feeling at the moment. The epidermis is used to keep in touch, to feel and to touch people who are emotionally connected.
Especially on the lips it is often among other things (but not always!), also situations with touching glasses and other drinking vessels, which do not give a clean impression and where in a situation there had been a vague feeling of defensiveness against this kind of vessels.
After the onset of the cold sores in the morning, there must have been a conflictive-feeling situation the day before. I reflected on the events of the weekend: Memory yielded a situation the day before in that house with washing coffee cups and other dishes, which irritated me. As it is unfortunately common in many kitchens today, there is only one sink and not two. Now there the cups are then not about after washing up with water and dishwashing detergent specifically rinsed with clean water but only dried with the tea towel. Watching the washing up process, I shuddered at the thought that here the entire dishwashing liquid would hardly be wiped off, and I would then drink from these cups ...

Normally this had been known to me because of my regular visits. I had been able to suppress this knowledge, however, because I was never present during the washing up itself. But not this weekend. I could help directly, wanted thereby already briefly the water tap to rinse open, when the person standing beside me seized the cup and dried immediately as usual only with the dishcloth.

So there stood one of the cups to my left, dried but not rinsed; and it was immediately followed by the other only-wiped-but-not-rinsed cups - and I had drunk from such cups this weekend and would drink from these dishwashing cups again next time! The sensation, the thoughts at that point can be described as intense in certain ways. But I could then immediately reassure myself that yes, I had drunk from these cups before and nothing had happened, no stomach pain or other symptoms of poisoning ... At some point on Monday I noticed a small elevation of the skin on my lower lip on the left side.

I could feel the short conflictive moment of disgust of the day before, therefore I understood why this had arisen now; also why the left side was affected: Here the short moment of feeling disgust because of the cups put down on the left side of me had existed much more intensively.
According to the model of the biol. laws of nature, symptoms of a conflict-resolved phase exist over a time-limited period, where the duration is in principle predictable; provided that there are no new conflict-perceived repetitions of these situations during this time; the conflict recurrences.

The days went by with the existing herpes and I was very calm overall. The cold sore, after all, represents a temporary conflict-resolvedd phase; so it would pass quickly.
From Friday of this week, however, I began to wonder why a dear acquaintance had only had a three-day herpes after a short conflict-solved situation, and with me this was still present in the most beautiful form after five days and showed no signs of receding. The conflictive moment on Sunday evening had been only of very short duration.

On Saturday the idea came to me that the story for me was possibly not quite finished after all and that I could be a conflict relapse or on a "track". In the model of the 5 biological laws of nature, "tracks" are accompanying circumstances in a conflictual situation, which the organism then remembers as a kind of "warning signal"; for example a certain color, a smell, a spoken word. Due to a recurrence of such an accompanying circumstance in other life situations, a conflict recurrence can "revive" in relation to the old situation and produce symptoms of that special biological program of the organ area affected at that time.

Upon further reflection, it turned out that I was also aware that I would be going back to that house in a few weeks - and thus would again come into contact with these strangely washed cups: possibly there was a connection with this knowledge to the planned further meetings.

So I started what had worked a few times in my past and began to work on my emotional and feeling attitude to the view of things and thus to expand my frame within which one thinks, acts and acts. I confronted the question of why the cups disgusted me and what was so dramatic for me about that bit of dishwashing liquid on them, having drunk from those in the past anyway ... too.

On Sunday afternoon, I could then finally notice a slowly beginning reduction in the formation of bubbles. In the end, however, it took until Wednesday, 1 1/2 weeks after that, for the story to finally be over.

I don't know for sure if this was the result of my thought work on Saturday or if it would have passed without it. On my next visit I could then see that these cups did not bother me with the still same way of washing up: I did not get any more herpes after the visit.

By the way, this had not bothered my sweetheart; I was still kissed during this time and he did not get herpes!

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