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Two weeks of intestinal pain and nausea after mandatory vaccination discussion

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2022-10-08 13:24:19
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Ingmar Marquardt
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Gender Male
Age 38 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
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A good friend and I had opinions and positions during the Corona period that could not have been more different. However, since we had not seen each other for more than a year during that time, we arranged to meet a few months later (winter 2021). At that time, his wife was pregnant. ...


A good friend and I had opinions and positions during the Corona period that could not have been more different. However, since we had not seen each other for more than a year during that time, we arranged to meet a few months later (winter 2021). At that time, his wife was pregnant.
When the time came and the testing and incidence levels had again massively increased, he asked, out of concern for his offspring, if I could not do a PCR test beforehand.
Since I didn't want to do this for various reasons, I offered to do a quick test under 4-eyes and/or we could continue to meet outside if it would give him a better sense of security. So we agreed to go for a walk in the fresh air.
At this time, however, the headlines in the public media increased, where unvaccinated people were massively defamed and made responsible for all kinds of things. There was talk of a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" on incomplete/incorrect/misinterpreted data basis. At the same time, there were more and more reports in the independent media about pregnancy complications and abortions in vaccinated women.

Now I had the ever-increasing concern that there was a completely unknown risk that abortion could also occur in his vaccinated pregnant wife. But if I had been the only unvaccinated person he had met during the pregnancy, this could have resulted in massive complications for our friendship - because of course, with the common media coverage, it would then have looked to him and his environment as if I was possibly to blame for this tragedy, even if it had been a vaccination complication.
I saw no other option but to write to him of this concern. He replied that I do not need to have this fear and that he would be willing to take this risk. Up to this point we got this difficult situation with such massively different views resolved very well. The following sentence, however, was very hurtful for me: He wrote that he hoped that now finally soon the mandatory vaccination would be introduced for all, because then such questions of guilt would no longer arise.

Even though intellectually I had long suspected that he was a supporter of compulsory vaccination, this statement to me was a great shock: for surely he also suspected that compulsory vaccination would be absolutely terrible for me and a nightmare scenario - for the avoidance of which I would even seriously consider leaving my home country. And he told me that he hoped this would occur as soon as possible.
(Note: For those who cannot comprehend critical positions on mRNA vaccinations at this point, I recommend the video series "About the Motives of the Unvaccinated", in which I explain and prove in detail, step by step, their ineffectiveness, risks, lack of necessity, and unscientificness).

From that moment on, I was in conflict active phase with an "indigestible anger" conflict concerning the executive part of the small intestine (ileum). I had trouble sleeping for several nights and kept thinking about this email - feeling a deep visceral anger in my stomach. It took me 2 weeks to get over it by trying to understand his perspective - because of course he only had the official information from the popular media and therefore had an absolutely different view on this topic than I do.
In fact, the meeting had to be cancelled at short notice because I had contact with several test-positive persons shortly before (and no, I have not had any "corona symptoms" or positive rapid or PCR tests until today, autumn 2022, even though I have never been in so many crowds as in 2021/2022 due to demonstrations).

The conflict was not resolved now, but it had been completely transformed down. I knew, of course, that I had been conflict active for two weeks and had resolution symptoms pending, but then forgot about it over the course of the next few months (I do, of course, make a note of all stressful events in the calender, though, so I can always reconstruct it exactly in time afterwards).

It took more than half a year until our next appointment in the summer of 2022. The general tension regarding the topic was finally significantly reduced, thank God his child was born healthy, and we could meet normally without any coercive measures. After a few hours of nice conversations and the joy of being able to talk peacefully and amicably again despite the difficult time, the SBS of the small intestine went into solution. The connection to the conflictive situation half a year before was immediately clear to me. It started with a moderately strong nausea, which I first assigned to the conflict-resolved phase of a territorial anger conflict of the small curvature of the stomach, which would also fit to the causative situation. From the next day, however, increasingly severe abdominal pain was added in the middle below the navel, i.e. in the entire ileum area. The waistband pressure was extremely uncomfortable, as the whole intestinal area was swollen and very sensitive. Additionally, he was severely underfunction, which affected digestion with diarrhea (light, airy stools).
The following days I always noticed the nausea especially some time after eating when the digestive mush passed this intestinal passage. For a week it was quite strong and I was also really physically weakened. The next week it got better and better until after a total of 2 weeks it was completely over.

I didn't have to consider the need for medication or doctor's visits the whole time, because the connection was one hundred percent comprehensible to me and also the expected duration was at least roughly estimable.
It was just stupid that the meeting was a bit painful for me, especially since I couldn't talk about the reason for my symptoms. It is then always difficult how to answer the other people to the question "if you have eaten something wrong", if you are sure that they do not want to know about the 5BL. Of course, I had not "upset my stomach" or a "gastrointestinal infection", but the previous conflict resolution of an "indigestible anger" conflict, which had weighed heavily on me for weeks.

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