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Stains on the abdomen, chest and back after loose contact with important person

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2023-06-07 09:09:42
Diagnoses Rose lichen
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Von Bekannten, Freunden, ...
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Gender Female
Age 41 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
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Breaking off contact with an important person for 7 months. Then successful contact again with subsequent onset of symptoms (small red spots around the chest, abdomen and back). The spots appeared a little later, developed for 3 weeks and then went back again in 2-3 weeks until they disappeared completely.


Conflict Activation
About eight months ago, I suddenly lost contact with a person who had grown very close to my heart. He wanted it that way. I was often sad afterwards and missed the conversations and the closeness to him.

Conflict Resolution
Seven months after the end of contact, I summoned up all my courage and wrote him a message. He called back and he told me he was fine etc. A stone fell from my heart that he was doing well and even better than at the end of the contact and I was also so glad that he had called me so "wanted contact" to me.

About 2 weeks later I noticed a small red spot over my right breast. Maybe it was there a few days earlier, I hadn't paid attention to it at first. Then the stain got bigger and bigger and after about another 2 weeks I started to notice even more red spots (no dots, no circles) around the bra. First small spots about 0.5 ca large, then even more spots on the stomach, over the chest and on the entire back. These small spots then became larger, about 1cm. Conventional medicine calls these symptoms ringworm, my colleague told me, whose child years ago also had the rash in these places in the form.

After about 2-3 weeks, the first spot started to become dry and pink and then slowly disappeared. The spots that came later behaved in the same way, only with a time delay. I still have them (about 1 week in this condition) and I'm curious when they will be completely gone. Hope for an ending healing.

Update 2 weeks later:
Only the very small, faint pink and dry spots that came last are still visible. Three weeks they came (PCLA) and two weeks they left (PCLB). But they all appeared and left at different times. And there were only two larger spots, about 2cm long and 1cm wide, I had to scratch them because they itched. One over the chest and one on the back (see photo). I didn't notice the smaller ones.

Report translated by: Monique Hetfeld

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