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Psoriasis / eczema on the forearm

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
Report by:
Magdalena F
The report is about Me
Gender Female
Handedness Right
Additional methods
Categories Conscious resolution of chronic symptoms (incl. local vicious circles)
Small to medium (sore throat, lumbago, sudden hearing loss, allergies, ...)


Increasing reddening of the skin and scaling on the forearm after my budgie bit me there by surprise. Resolution by recognizing the causal connection.


I’ve never had psoriasis before. One day I noticed that the inside of my right forearm started to itch, I saw a small red dot. I tried not to scratch, but that was impossible. Within 4 weeks this spot became much larger and more and more spots were added. A small spot also formed on my left arm. So I started to think about what could be the reason. When I understood the conflict behind psoriasis, basically two, I realized the following:

Four weeks earlier we had gotten two budgies. The seller told me that these are totally hand tame and would not bite. I let the two fly free every day. They always came up to me and either sat on my shoulder or they liked to sit on my forearm. One of the two was a bit cheeky and reckless. As he sat on my arm, he thought he would bite me. I hadn't expected that at all, especially since the woman had assured me that they wouldn't bite. It didn't hurt like hell either, but at that moment I was scared and I thought to myself: "Well, I actually like you, but if you come like that I don't." The symptoms started a day or two after the bite, starting right where the budgie was sitting. From now on I had daily recurrences: if they were in the cage this was probably the solution, if they were outside a reactivation. When I became aware of this, the itching stopped immediately and I observed my symptoms more closely and photographed them (see below). Within 4 weeks, the spots became increasingly pale and receded until the skin was completely symptom-free again, i.e. the sudden realization of the causal relationships was enough to break the cycle of recurrence.

Report translated by: Monique Hetfeld

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