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Resolution of a grass pollen allergy (testimonial video)

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2022-07-21 14:29:54
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Ingmar Marquardt
The report is about About a client / patient of me
Gender Female
Age 28 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Unknown
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In this testimonial video, Bianca explains how she successfully resolved her grass pollen allergy during the course with knowledge of 5BL! Congratulations and thank you very much for this beautiful report 🙂


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Transcription from the video:

Hello dear ones!

I am making this video as an experience report for the practical course "Resolving allergies" by Ingmar and his team. And I would like to say first of all that I am very very grateful for this experience, because through this course I was able to resolve my grass pollen allergy.
Very briefly about me: I am Bianca, 28 years young and from Germany - and yes, I actually had a grass pollen allergy for more than ten years, which started every time around May and lasted until August.
And I had never thought about where this grass pollen allergy could really come from. It never seemed strange to me that it only started during my youth. That was always such a topic for me, that my allergy is inherited and I have it in my blood, so to speak, or in my genes. Because my whole family is allergic to pollen somewhere. Actually not everyone, but my mother, my uncle - and yes, it was just normal for me I say.
Yeah so to get specific now I had my grass pollen allergy since 2010, since I was 16 years old. And in this course "Resolving Allergies" you go on the trail and look okay, when approximately it started, and when did you still had no problems, and from when in any case. And then I was able to narrow it down very quickly, from when it must have definitely started. And a situation immediately came up from my subconscious, and that was the separation from my first partner when I was 16 years old.
Yes, I had symptoms like frequent sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy nose, itchy palate and runny nose after sneezing. And I had real sneezing attacks at times. And it just totally limited me in my quality of life, as you can imagine.
I couldn't go to certain events that were going on outside. I felt very isolated - very marginalized, and sometimes I really couldn't make any friends in the summertime, because I spent a lot of time indoors.
I am all the more grateful now that I can enjoy this beautiful time in the summer. And therefore I would like to go a little deeper now, what exactly was my conflict now and how I found the cause so right.
As I said, it was all 2010, the causal conflict. I just followed this track with this separation from my partner at that time. And was already on a really hot track. And then I got in touch with him again and asked him a few things. Fortunately, we were still in contact, so we are still in contact, the contact is fortunately not completely broken off I say. But at that time there was a real cut and we had no contact anymore. And I "lost sight" of him, so to speak, which is where this burning eyes thing comes from, which I have now learned through this course.
And yes, I have then, since I had the allergy, really tried a lot to get rid of the allergy or to dissolve it. I've tried desensitization, I've tried remedial methods, like autohaemotherapy. I've done intestinal cleansing - several, in fact - and yes, some of the symptoms have gotten better, though never completely gone away. And it was always only the suppression or partial improvement of the symptoms, but the symptoms themselves were actually always present.

And yes what then finally also improved the whole thing were tablets like DHU hay fever tablets. I was then now for a while very focused on naturopathic remedies, so I only took homeopathic things to relieve the symptoms. But basically it was still just suppressing those symptoms, which were still there.
And yes, what I really liked about this course is that you have personal email contact with Ingmar and his team, and he really addresses your questions individually, your needs. He really looks at what you've written in the forms and really tries to solve it with you.
How did I find the course: I actually just researched the five biological laws of nature, and then I came across this course because I came across "Disease is Different" (german: „Krankheit ist anders“) on YouTube, which is Ingmar's channel.
And yes, I didn't hesitate for long and of course immediately got the course, because I said I have nothing to lose anyway, only to gain. And that's why I did it. And in fact, I was able to resolve the allergy even without doing an experiment. Probably simply because my subconscious already understood that this situation, which was so conflict-laden from back then with this separation from my partner, no longer exists in the here and now. And I have always made it clear to myself that if a separation should take place again, it will not be as conflictual or as isolating and highly dramatic as it was back then. And this "making it clear to myself" in the subconscious alone has dissolved the allergy. So no experiment was necessary at all.
Yes, and now I can enjoy the summer - my favorite season - to the fullest and I am infinitely grateful for it!

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