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Six other allergies resolved: cat hairs, pollen, walnut, egg, animal hair, horse hair

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These are the testimonials (in short) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video.


These are the testimonials (in short) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video.


Fall 20 – Cat hair allergy

The first case is about a cat hair allergy in a participant in her mid-20s, which had existed since about elementary school. Symptoms included eye and skin itching, difficult breathing and lung whistling, and rhinitis symptoms.
She diligently researched her past and also reported a horse hair allergy that had gradually resolved on its own after she started vaulting.
The same thing has now repeated itself during the course with the cat hair allergy, without her having to do an experiment to resolve it.
She suspects it has to do with the positive experiences that gradually become associated with the animal, replacing other negative memories and conditioning. In fact, there were also already 2 cats in the house where she lived, where positive links were certainly already created.

=> Of course, this coincides very well with the perspective of the 5BN, where the only thing is to convince the subconscious that the alarm mechanism is no longer needed. Possibly the memory of the horse hair allergy, which disappeared by itself, has given a decisive impulse here that also the cat hair was no longer perceived as a threat.
So this is already one of several cases in the course where the allergy disappeared simply by dealing with the new perspective and exploring and re-evaluating the allergy - great!

Fall 21 – Pollen allergy

The next participant, in her mid-40s, had had a severe birch pollen allergy for about 40 years. Symptoms included itchy eyes, tickling palate, sneezing attacks, and running her nose like a faucet - plus some more unusual symptoms like cold extremities, blurred vision, and others.

She was able to identify a couple of possibilities as the cause in the summer before allergy onset: First, the family dog was euthanized without her knowledge, which she learned only afterwards. Near the grave in the garden was her favorite tree, a birch.
A short time later she had a change of school, which was also very stressful!

Besides these ideas, she was able to observe something exciting: She realized that there was always a period of obsessive thinking before symptom onset, which in her estimation could emotionally match the dog experience. With appropriate awareness and clarity that there is no connection here, the pollen allergy successfully resolved.

This is the third successfully resolved pollen allergy we have witnessed, which we are very happy about! Great job!

Fall 22 – Walnut allergy (and more...)

The following participant, in his mid-40s, had a walnut allergy and additionally a very massive allergy history. At the age of 5 or 6 he was diganosed with an "allergy to everything", so that in the following years he reacted constantly to everything from pollen to animal hair to various foods with different allergy symptoms.

Until, at the age of 30, his partner pointed out to him in a convincing conversation that, in her opinion, the symptoms were mainly the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy. A view on which we have several exciting theories, which we are currently examining in detail in the course.

In any case, he lost his fear of the various substances as a result of this conversation, whereupon the pollen allergies never reappeared. The animal hair allergies also disappeared some time later after he got his own pets. And to various fruits and vegetables he gradually approached again, so that these also disappeared with few exceptions.

The walnut allergy was one such exception that remained until recently, which is why we took a closer look at it in the course. The cause of it was probably also to be found where the other allergies originated, namely mainly generated by the diagnosis. Or it was actually the first actual allergy at 5 years old because of which the allergy test was done and all the other allergies arose as a result of the shock of the diagnosis and the anxiety associated with it and transmitted through the mother. Unfortunately, this was too long ago to find out more details.

As symptoms he had a swollen tongue with stabbing pain, and in some experiments only numbness or furry-rough tongue.

According to our assumption, the symptoms were a follow-up conflict of the earlier allergies, namely that he did not want to have the walnut, which he had learned to classify as dangerous, in his mouth and would prefer to spit it out. Among other things, the SBS of the tongue surface reacts to this sensation.

He has done a resolution experiment off and on for several months, becoming aware of just these things. Each time, the symtoms diminished until they finally disappeared altogether. Thankfully, he also made a little testimonial video about his experience, which we would like to take a quick look at at this point:

When I put a walnut on my tongue, there was an immediate stabbing pain on the tongue, the whole mouth ached a short time later. If I repeated eating walnuts, at some point only the tongue stung slightly, the other unpleasant symptoms were completely gone.

I had become so accustomed to the stinging pain that I was of the opinion that walnuts just taste like that! It then took me a while to realize that not all walnuts can cause such pain.

Through the previous experiments, so that the pain goes away for the most part, if I eat walnuts several times, I had the necessary security, for the final dissolution experiment. I made myself inwardly aware that the walnut could not harm me, and in this awareness I ate a walnut.

That was the first time I could feel that sweet nut taste on my tongue.

That was about 2 months ago, and I haven't had any pain in my mouth with walnuts since. That finally resolved that allergy.

Fall 23 – Egg allergy

This participant in her late 40s had an egg allergy for at least 10 years. The symptoms such as bowel sounds, pressure in the abdomen and diarrhea, came somewhat delayed: In relaxation when everything was eaten.

She reacted most to dishes where the egg was still partly raw, less to cooked eggs or fried eggs.

It is worth mentioning that she is disgusted at the sight of raw egg white and she also has to think of salmonella.

Fried potatoes with egg were often her husband's preferred food. As a possible cause, she thought of a severe relationship problem triggered by a situation that occurred during a dinner together with her husband and children - and which she felt was emotionally very hurtful.

So, in the experiment, she realized that the egg today could not be responsible for her problems of that time. And that the situation is long gone. In the first experiment, the symptoms were still present with a time delay, but from the second experiment on they disappeared completely.

Motivated by this first success, she is currently working on her massive cat hair allergy. Here, too, there have been first successes, so that we will hopefully soon be able to report about this resolved allergy, too! And at this point we wish her good luck again!

Fall 23 – Animal hair allergy

The next participant, in his mid-20s, had an allergy to animal hair since about the age of 5.

Contact with animal saliva, as well as being in the same room or in contact with hair, resulted in asthma, red pustules in the crooks of the arms, incessant sneezing and runny nose, and sometimes itchy burning eyes.

Sometime around the time of emergence, there was a situation where his dogs were divided and sold to new owners. He was told that this was necessary because the allergy would have developed before. However, he has no memory of it.

His feeling was that the allergy was possibly only talked into him as a child.

It would be conceivable that other symptomatology was assumed as allergy by the environment or the doctors, as a result of which the dogs were then given away, which was then the actual dramatic situation with animal hair as a track.

In his case, 90% of the symptoms resolved during the course, which was sufficient for him. The remaining 10% did not bother him any further, so he ticked off the subject of animal hair allergy!

Fall 25 – Horse allergy

Finally, a horse allergy in a 6-year-old boy.

The symptoms on direct contact were acute shortness of breath, skin rashes, watery eyes and runny nose. When the horse is nearby, on the other hand, only mild shortness of breath and a runny nose.

The first strong reaction was when he was three and a half years old.at a children's birthday party where he went on a carriage ride without the parents and came back crying and with severe symptoms.

A month or so earlier, he was also at a farm where there were horses, but no reaction has yet occurred. So the probability that the triggering situation was during the carriage ride is very high.

For the resolution she discussed her theory with her son, so that she believes that he has this allergy to horses, because he had gotten scared during this ride with the carriage and it then came to these physical reactions. And that it actually has nothing to do with horses and the reaction is no longer necessary. For the test, they then went to a stud farm, where the symptoms then failed to appear.

Congratulations to mother and son for this great resolution!

So this is another example where resolution occurred without the presence of the triggering substance. Just through a new understanding by the child that there was no longer any danger from the horses.

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