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Coffee allergy

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
The report is about About a client / patient of me
Gender Female
Age 37 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
Additional methods
Categories Conscious resolution of chronic symptoms (incl. local vicious circles)
Small to medium (sore throat, lumbago, sudden hearing loss, allergies, ...)


The affected woman had a coffee allergy for about 15 years. Almost immediately after drinking coffee or eating food containing coffee, very severe stomach pain with nausea occurred, which lasted up to several hours. By researching the causes, the allergy was subsequently successfully resolved completely and permanently.


For 15 years, the woman suffered from a coffee allergy, except for a gap in the middle of that time: While living in another country, she was able to drink coffee without any symptoms.

Almost immediately after drinking coffee or eating coffee-containing foods (e.g. biscuits with coffee inside) very severe stomach pain with nausea would ensue, lasting up to several hours.

In addition, she experienced muted hearing and a feeling of pressure in the frontal-side neck area 15 minutes in, which lasted 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Similiar to the ear symptoms during the start of a plane trip, she could usually resort to tricks like yawning for pressure equalization and “ear-popping”. Depending on the situation, the ear problem was more on the right or left, though sometimes on both sides: In situations at home, with friends or family the left side was affected, at work the right side.

In fact, often the smell or even the thought of coffee was enough to cause a slight form of ear-popping.

The stomach pain came from the ectodermal gastric mucosa of the small curvature, which is part of the inner-skin scheme and is therefore hypersensitive in the conflict-active phase, which leads to severe pain when placed in contact with liquid or food. The symptoms start immediately in CA-phase (or EC).

The reason for the pressure in the middle ear is because the pressure equalization through the Eustachian tube was compromised. However, in this case it was not the endodermal Eustachian tube mucosa itself, but the ectodermal nasal mucous membrane that swelled in the area where the Eustachian tube joins the nasal cavity. It swells strongly in the conflict-resolved phase and can thereby close off the mouth of the tube, so that the eardrum can no longer easily vibrate. Therefore you hear your own voice louder from the inside and hardly at all from the outside. Because the symptoms belong to the PCLA-Phase, they always started about 15-30 minutes after drinking coffee, as swelling is not an immediate process.

So the allergy consisted of three meaningful biological special programs in two different phases: the ectodermal small curvature of the stomach in conflict activity and the right and left ectodermal nasal mucosa post conflict resolution.

Based on the conflict contents, we were able to find the following situation in connection with coffee:

15-16 years ago, she started drinking coffee with her then boyfriend. At first, she could drink it without problems, but after a couple of times, the symptoms always appeared, so that she only attempted drinking coffee once every few years, each time with the same painful results.

Upon reflection, she remembered the first unpleasant “coffee-related situation”: shortly after they became a couple, and she started drinking coffee with the above-mentioned friend, they were in the cafe, together with another woman who he introduced as a “good friend”. All three of them drank coffee together, but after 2 cups of cappuccino she suddenly reacted with a caffeine-flash that was extremely unpleasant and absolutely unexpected for her: She did not smell the “danger” in the coffee, which is why the SBS of the two nasal mucous membranes started there.

The situation was extremely unpleasant for her, because the caffeine made her feel and behave very strange – she was no longer “herself”: That’s why she reacted with an “identity conflict” (belongs to the territorial conflicts), which started the SBS of the gastric mucosa because of her handedness and hormonal status.

Our assumption was now that the allergy began with this situation, the memory of which is still extremely unpleasant for her.

So we developed a plan for a solution, which she implemented, and which is described as follows:

“While drinking coffee I say to myself: I’m sure I can smell everything I need to be safe / to avoid any danger … / my nose works well … I’m older / wiser / stronger than before and such things don’t bother me today … In addition, the first time I tried the solution, I heard music from the other country in which I had lived (since I had no symptoms there after drinking coffee), and looked at photos from that time. I also drank the coffee like I had there, with sugar, without milk, and in a glass instead of a cup … I was alone during the first coffee experiment and felt ‘in my territory’, unobserved, centered“

Already with the first attempt at a solution, no stomach pain followed. Unfortunately, this great success was somewhat diminished by the fact that she had avoided drinking coffee for more than a year prior to this test, because of the severe stomach pain that had always followed. It would have been better, of course, if she had experienced the reaction again shortly before, so that the pain was still there (we’ll take note of this in future allergy resolutions). The solution was deemed successful as there is no other reason why a 14 year allergy should simply suddenly disappear.

In fact, half an hour later, the ear symptoms started again, so the track was only resolved for one SBS, and not yet for the other two. The resolution of these two SBS tracks followed in two steps for the right and left ear:

Two more similar solution attemps were required to stop the left-sided ear symptoms when drinking coffee at home or with friends and family.

However, for several months, drinking coffee at work resulted in hours of right ear symptoms. This only stopped after a situation with many parallels to the cafe scenario described above: she met there with an old friend and drank a coffee in the cafe for the first time since the causal situation. While drinking, she was aware that everything was okay, that she was safe, that these days, she was not troubled by caffeine flash and that she can easily tolerate coffee now; that the situation of the track has been over for fifteen years and is now without purpose. Since that day the ear symptoms disappeared (in ANY situation) and the allergy has been completely solved.

(Note: The localization of the ear symptoms does not seem to refer here, as in most cases, to partner or mother / child persons but rather to the territory: i.e. the work as a male perceived territory and the home as a female perceived territory. So maybe there are some territorial aspects here that are not fully understood yet.)

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