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Facial paresis - facial paralysis in a lady

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2021-06-17 23:41:40
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Monika Anzenberger
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A woman woke up one morning with paralysis of the left side of her face: This facial nerve paresis ended exactly predicted three weeks after conflict resolution and onset of paralysis. A case description at the Internat. Congress of the A.L.B.A. 2011


Case description of A.L.B.A., Italian study association for the research of the discovery of the system of the five biological laws of nature after the discovery and description of R.G.H., (today: Ass. Saluta Aktiva Onlus),
presented at the Internat. Congress "The exact biological medicine ", October 14-16, 2011, Assisi.

Facial paresis - facial paralysis in a lady
Analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL)

Case on facialis palsy in Christina, 30 years old, left-handed.
Christina woke up one morning with a paralysis of the left side of her face: This facialis palsy ended exactly predicted three weeks after conflict resolution and onset of paralysis.
In the interview, Christine described herself as calmed down after the conversation with the therapist: she was able to stay calm because she had understood what had happened before and what was going on now. She had tried in the following period with the muscle slackening not to smile in public and to colleagues as much as possible and to speak little, so that the facial paralysis was not too noticeable.

In the patient with facial nerve palsy, precisely this symptom of paralysis could have led to local conflicts due to the fact that the facial muscles could not be moved during the conflict-resolved phase.
The therapist Gina Cammerata stated in her report, among other things, that taking medication, as in this case, has above all a psychological component of calming.

A paresis of the facial half means: muscle slackening, loss of function of the motor system (striated muscles, cerebral cortex field) in the conflict resolved phase or regeneration phase, pcl-A phase in the scheme of biphasicity, and this due to the edema storage in the brain relay because of the regeneration phase running synchronously there.
Conflict active phase: blocking of the facial muscles, in this case of the partner's side, because it would have been dangerous if she had moved them, as she would have felt like moving in the particular situation, and thus would have been discovered with her lover.

The conflict-active phase: she had a relationship, a secret relationship with the married head of the department in her company. Over time, colleagues noticed the good relationship between the two. Christina was afraid of being exposed, of this secret relationship becoming known.
Then came a turn of events: The leader decides to separate from his wife, and Christine decides to make the relationship public: Two days later, when she woke up, she noticed the facial paralysis: it had come to a solution, to an end of the active phase!
Christine already knew the Biological Laws of Nature and contacted the therapist Cammerata.
But Christine also knows someone in her neighborhood who has had facial paralysis for years: Knowing a case in immediate surroundings and observing it more or less regularly means that then corresponding fears can arise for oneself because of the experience of this other person.

It was clarified in conversation with the therapist and it was determined that there would be no danger of conflict recurrence, because the relationship could now be lived openly and it was no longer necessary to keep it secret.
The possibility of local conflicts, however, is due to the fact that the muscle area in question could not be moved due to the existing loss of function of the muscles. If it comes here to the conflicting perception of
- either : "not being well, not being able to perform" ( = program of the trophism of the musculature, controlled from the medullary camp),
- and / or "to be hindered in the movement" ( = program of the motoric of the musculature, controlled from the motoric cortical field,
a new activation of the program can take place, which after its solution would go through again a conflict-resolved phase, a regeneration phase with loss of function. This is the case with those cases, where paralyses exist for years.

In order to survive the first part of the conflict-resolved phase, pcl-A phase, of three weeks and to avoid local conflicts, it was recommended to get a medicine through a doctor, for possible reduction of symptoms as well as for calming down, in order to prevent local conflicts.

After a week of taking the medication, she noticed that the muscles slowly began to function again and - by her own decision - stopped taking the medication of her own accord.(Note: The drug is not mentioned in this report, but was cited at the convention).
The incident was in July 2009; by the time of the Congress, two years had passed without symptoms.

Note by author:
Several aspects were well highlighted in the report of this case study, in my opinion:
The clarification on the part of the therapist both in terms of recurrences related to the original conflict situation as well as possible future local conflicts, which would have had nothing at all to do with the original conflict situation.
As well as Christina's handling of the symptom during the first period of the conflict resolved phase, pcl-A phase, which was noticeable and above all also perceptible to those around her. The choice to take a medication was certainly a good decision, because although after eight days she could feel the slowly beginning return of muscle function and thus notice that from now on an improvement of the condition would slowly occur, it was first necessary to get through these eight days. At the beginning, a patient does not know how long this phase will actually last. As long as no improvement of the symptomatology can be felt, this can represent under circumstances a good template for local conflicts; even if the system of the five biological laws of nature is known.
Once the beginning of improvement has been felt, then getting through the further regeneration phase is less problematic.

Case description summarized by Monika Anzenberger, congress participant.

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