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Celiac disease / gluten intolerance in an Italian child

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
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One child suffered from celiac disease since early childhood), a food intolerance to gluten, a component in some grains and thus a component of flour products; case description at the Internat. Congress of the A.L.B.A, 2010


Case description of A.L.B.A., Italian study association for the research of the discovery of the system of the five biological laws of nature after the discovery and description of R.G.H., (today: Ass. Saluta Aktiva Onlus),
presented at the Congress "Knowledge to Help", October 19-31, 2010 in Genoa.

Celiac disease / gluten intolerance in an Italian child.
Analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL)

A child suffered since early childhood from celiac disease ( = conventional medical diagnosis), a food intolerance to gluten, a component in some cereals and thus a component of flour products. The diagnosis was already made when he was 1 1/2 years old.
Whenever he consumed products containing gluten, he then had diarrhea, stomach pain, etc. He lost weight, took virtually no energy.
The boy lives in Italy, where pasta, pizza, bread and other gluten-containing foods are eaten very, very often. Since he could not tolerate them, he was put on a diet. It had to be cooked for him specially, one had made special food for him. As a result, he already had an isolated, dietary existence in kindergarten, later in school and in everyday life, which alone can already cause further conflictive situations and had aggravated the symptoms.
The problem with this type of food intolerance is distrust of the food that has been put in front of him; triggered in the time of the compulsive change from breast milk to other food for a baby; "food rape" (quote N. Barro).
With a change in the parents' behavior, the child could be freed from this inflammatory process, which is also dangerous for a child.
The therapy consisted in making him regain confidence in food. In this process, no intellectual conflict resolution was initiated, which is not even possible with a child. Instead, an attempt was made to create a situation in which the activation of the special programs of the duodenum and the gastric mucosa were no longer necessary.

For a child at the age of 1 1/2 years there are few issues: Is the mommy there, is the daddy there, is there food, can he play and sleep. If a child reacts with such symptoms at this age, then he is not functioning in one of these few areas in his little world. Grain products can only play a role at this age if the food transition had not worked well for the child. Here it was the change from breastfeeding, for which there is no need for a child from a biological point of view.

For the therapy, the parents changed their behavior towards the child: the mother, as the nurturer of a child, began to play with the child for fifteen minutes before eating, concentrating only on the child, without being distracted by the telephone or other disturbances. Afterwards they ate together.
In this way, the boy was quickly able to regain confidence in any food that was put in front of him.
At the end of the interview (note: congress) he was able to take a hearty bite of a roll.

Case description summarized by Monika Anzenberger, congress participant,
with additional details by Nicolas Barro, congress participant

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