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Hair loss in horses

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
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What causes hair loss in horses, explained by two case studies at the Internat. Congress of the A.L.B.A 2011


Case description of A.L.B.A., Italian study association for the research of the discovery of the system of the five biological laws of nature after the discovery and description of R.G.H., (today: Ass. Saluta Aktiva Onlus),
presented at the Internat. Congress "The exact biological medicine ", October 14-16, 2011, Assisi.

Hair loss in horses
Analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL)

At this congress, two veterinarians, Valerie and Bernadetta, explained in an impressive and comprehensible way what would cause hair loss in horses and demonstrated on two case studies how this process can be reversed.
Significant here was that the analysis of the situation in the first step consisted of understanding the biological code of the horse species, which makes the occurrence of hair loss understandable as a social contact breakdown.
Horses have distinct social behavior and have long-term alliances and relationships with each other; they form herds. They have a simple way of communicating with each other through nibbling and scratching. This communication and biting behavior clarifies roles in a herd. Horses can show dominance behavior and each have reference horses, these are independent of related horses.
If you separate horses from each other, they can have a separation conflict, contact break off at those body parts where they normally nibble and cuddle. A separation conflict can mean wanting to have a certain contact or wanting to feel a different contact than the one you are feeling at the moment.

*) Case of the horse Janemann, a stallion, 23 years old. He had alopecia on the left side of his neck and head, hair loss and crusting. A hair examination had been performed on Janemann prior to the visit of the two 5BN-experienced veterinarians: He had no parasites or anything like that.
He had been competing with other horses off and on over the years and essentially had not done any socialization with them. For about 4 years, he had a somewhat more natural lifestyle with his other peers.
A month before the visible hair loss began, a new horse with dominance behavior had come into the herd.
It quickly became apparent that it was the contact with this new horse that was causing the hair loss in Jannemann.
The therapy consisted of moving Janemann to another paddock to a smaller herd where the new horse was not. Improvement of the symptoms was soon observed. (Pictures taken before and after at the congress).

*) Case with the horse Lisa, 7 years old. She had lost tufts of hair on her neck and upper front back. The horse is in the pasture during the day and thus in closer contact with other horses and in the box at night.
It turned out that the horse used to have a close relationship with another horse named West for a long time. Now they were permanently separated.
Now here was the approach that this changed again and the two horses spend as much time together as possible. Again, the symptoms improved very quickly. (Recordings brought to the congress).

Case description summarized by Monika Anzenberger, congress participant,
with additional details by Nicolas Barro, congress participant

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